Latest Notices:

Notices 20th September 2020

  • Baldock, Stotfold and High Street Stevenage services are running on Sunday mornings. Services are shorter, without singing, and there’s strict rules on social distancing, face coverings and sanitising, but nevertheless it’s a joy to worship together safely. The circuit will continue these printed and online services. No one, including preachers, need to attend church premises unless happy to do so. Church services on premises are likely to continue fortnightly from October.
  • Thanks for joining in this service. Please contact me if you would like to assist or contribute to next week’s service.
  • I want to remind you of the offer of free delivery on the Journeyman Please see the high street website or contact us.
  • Thanks for supporting your church financially, as they still have costs to meet every month and income is significantly reduced. Bank details for Stevenage High Street are on the page where you found this video. We have details for the other churches. Please consider making your Offering this way.

Thanks, Graham.